Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dry Aged Beef Ribs

So, I feel like people make a fairly big deal out of ribs. Probably because most people think they're difficult to make, and probably because when done right, ribs are really delicious, and probably because there is something very primal about them that when evoked people really enjoy. This particular method works amazingly well with the dry aged beef ribs I had on hand, but it would work equally well with any kind of ribs. Additionally, when cooking them in that manner outlined below, they really don't need sauce as they still contain an amazing amount of moisture and flavour. I did however sauce them with a Cinnamon BBQ Sauce I had made, because it made them even better.

Ribs are pretty delicious.


1 Kg Dry Aged Beef Ribs


1. Liberally season ribs, wrap tightly with aluminum foil.

2. Place foil wrapped ribs on baking sheet and into a 95C oven for 12 hours. 6 hours on bake, 6 hours on broil.

3. Gently remove from foil and separate ribs from each other. Sauce gingerly, or eat as is.

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