Sunday, March 20, 2011


I didn't really get to make any food for my girl this weekend. But I made a small batch of Chapati for my parents from all-purpose flour instead of a 1:1 mix with whole wheat. Chapati are both surprising simple and fast to make, and surprising satisfying to eat. Mine get pretty puffy when they are cooking (without the aid of baking soda) which I think contributes to their softness, pliability, and chewiness. I think I actually prefer them to tortillas right now as they are just as delicious and don't require lard, butter, or baking soda. I also started a "no-knead" loaf of bread for my girl and I. I haven't really followed the recipes for the No-Knead method in a long time and usually eyeball them now as slow-rise loaves are fairly forgiving, at least in my experience with them.

I hope she likes the bread when its done.

For those interested in Chapati, I'll write up a recipe when I actually make them for my girl as part of a meal.

Sushi Xtra. 423 Queen St W. 
She ended up getting lunch provided for her by her place of work today. It should be noted that I'm not actually allowed to make sushi as I haven't really gotten the hang of the rice. So sushi is one of the few things that we actually go out for.

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