Thursday, October 6, 2011

Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Cake

So, my girl's birthday is two days after mine, and since she got me a cake from Dufflet Cakes, I decided to get her a cake from yours truly. It was actually the first time I made a raspberry chocolate mousse cake, or made a mousse from scratch actually. I managed to make this cake at my parent's place, and without a proper spring form pan to boot. In a pinch, I decided to use an empty aluminum food takeout container with the bottom cut out to use as a mold for the mousse, and a guide for the base, I lined it with parchment to keep the mousse from sticking and getting really disgusting.

No spring form pan, no problem. Kind of ugly though.
For the base layer, I used a Dobos Torte recipe from a really great blog called Smitten Kitchen. You can find it here. I basically just cut the recipe into a third as I needed only one small layer. To make the chocolate mousse, I basically followed the directions of John Mitzewich at Foodwishes, he is really, really, really good at creating video recipes that really work. You can see the video below. For the raspberries, you can obviously see them on top, but I also cooked some down with enough water to cover them in a small saucepan until they were soupy then strained them and spooned them onto the base layer. I used a 1/4 pint in total, reserving enough for the top as you can see. I left the cooked raspberries tart, not adding any extra sugar to them as they provide some balance to an otherwise sweet and rich cake.

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