Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Beet and Beef Borscht

So, this is pretty straight forward. I accidentally made this without the luxury of Dillweed, so I substituted with Dill Pickle Juice. Turned out, okay, but not one hundred percent ideal. Having 14% MF Sour Cream and Sauerkraut on top doesn't hurt though.


1Kg Stewing Beef
2 Large Peeled and Diced Beetroot
350ml Dill Pickle Juice
TT Granulated Garlic, Salt, Pepper
Sauerkraut and Sour Cream to Serve
Water to cover


1. Using a pressure cooker, sear beef until reasonable browned then add beetroot, and cover with water, cook for 25 minutes under pressure.

2. Remove beef chunks and beetroot from pressure cooker and boil down remaining liquid until reduced by half. Add dill pickle juice. Season beef and beetroot generously, combine with reduced liquid from pressure cooker.

3. Serve hot. Add dollop of sour cream and sauerkraut on top. Season to taste.

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