Friday, April 1, 2011

Dinner Party and April 1st

It's been a little while since anything has been posted as my sister was in town and I was doing stuff with her. The two of us made a fairly solid dinner for my parents, aunt, uncle, and of course, my girl. She made fresh ravioli filled with roasted chicken, bruschetta with pepperonatta and ricotta, and a nice clean and green mixed salad with frise, oranges, and parmigiano. My contribution was the bread for the bruschetta, cream of belgian endive soup with failed creme fraiche, failed profiteroles and as a replacement; a decent flourless chocolate sponge (Heston Blumenthal's) with whipped vanilla cream, chocolate ganache, and a few raspberries. I don't have any photos of the five courses (of which my mother insisted I print a menu card for and make a copy for each person... uncomfortable...) but if I make anything from that meal again, I'll write up recipes and provide photos.

I was at the St. Lawrence Market yesterday and I got a whole piece of Peameal Bacon, and since I had a couple of buttermilk biscuits left over from the last batch in the freezer and a bunch of eggs and butter, eggs benedict happened again at her request. No need to repeat anything here from the previous post, but take a look here if you're interested. The only interested thing of note is when I prepared the Peameal bacon, I dry fried it with no other fat or liquid and after it had cooked on each side, I poured water into the pan to get the fond back onto the meat as a glaze and to add a feeling of moistness back into the meat as well without compromising the crispiness. I like to do the same thing when cooking chinese dumplings, but more on that another time.

I think my Hollandaise needs work. It's splittttty.

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