Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ikea "Favorit" Cast Iron Grilling Pan and Eurodib Induction Cooktop

So, last night I made acquisition of an enameled cast iron grilling pan from IKEA and I'm currently waiting on delivery of a Eurodib induction cooktop. I'm hoping the two will work well in tandem, and that my wish to make the balcony cooking experience a weekly reality will come to full fruition with splendi-ferrous results.

Update 06/24/2012

After using this combination, I'm fairly happy, but there are a few oddities. For starters, because this grill pan is a great deal larger than the active area of the cooktop, and induction being what it is, it has a major hot spot in the circular area that makes contact with the active area. Secondly, this cooktop is noisy, really noisy. The fan has a constant whir, and the cooktop emits a high pitch sound of which the intensity increases with the increase of the power level of the cooktop. Additionally, the cooktop makes an even more intense high frequency sound when it is set a specific temperature rather than an integer power setting. Overall though, I really like grilling with the two, and when cooking outside, the sound isn't really a problem, and if given enough time, the whole pan surface does heat up fairly well, though once you do start cooking, you will still find a hot spot drifting back into the centre as whatever you're grilling draws the heat out of the edges of the pan.

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