Sunday, May 8, 2011

Steelhead Trout and Fresh Fries & A Simple Salad

So, for some reason, we both really wanted fish, (probably because of all the beef of late) and for some reason I wanted to buy a big filet, and cook it whole. And for some reason, I decided, I really want to make Steelhead Trout. Had I portioned the filet before cooking, it probably would have been enough, had I pre-heated the oil a bit in the bakeware I used, it would have been enough, had I been more delicate and expert, it would have been enough. But all these things were not in place last night, and so, I made something that makes me want to try again to do better, rather than being happy about serving. I'll probably put together a recipe when I'm happy with the results.

A simple salad to begin.

This looks tastier than it really was.

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  1. gorgeous presentation.. pack up those fries and hit enter